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Petco visits Beijing Motor Show 2006(Nov)

Petco visits another motor show. Oh well I lost count, anyways this was the Beijing Motor Show 2006 which was in November. Master Petco had a quick stop and managed to get some pictures for me.
I was a bit sad that he didn’t have time to take pictures of the beautiful showgirls. Must remind him for the next one. By the way check out the F1 cars and the New Honda. Go on check them out.
Guys if you happen to have original pictures of any shows or events that you think that I could upload to our gallery kindly forward them to me. Its cheers. Mr.Petco


Petco did it again by visiting another motor show. This time it’s the Korea Motor Show 2006. This was one big even with lots of Korean and other International brands from around the world. Don’t hate me folks we were more interested in the loud music producers (you know what I mean) than the wheels. Hmmm there were some beautiful show girls as well. Anyways I managed grab some pictures for yous. Enjoy. Mr. Petco

2006 July Motor Show

Thank you all for visiting the Petco Stall at the 2006 Motor Show. I have updated some more pictures. Enjoy all. Oh by the if you have any good pics of Petco stalls and events please send us and who knows you might get a cap or tShirt from me. Thanks again. Ciyo. MR.PETCO~!

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